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Your best days are ahead of you, not behind you. It may not always seem like it, look like it, or feel like it—but it’s true.

Bible teacher, bestselling author, and activist Christine Caine wants to see you step into a life that is greater than you could ever hope, think, or imagine - even when things are hard.

In How Did I Get Here?, Christine invites us to press on - past our fears, past our mistakes, past our insecurities, past our comfort zones, past whatever is holding us back - to reach for more of Jesus.

With refreshing candor, How Did I Get Here? will help you:

  •   Discover 9 habits that can keep you anchored in our rapidly changing world
  • Build the strength and confidence to go after your purpose, even in the face of setbacks
  • Develop the faith to keep following Jesus, even when you can’t see exactly where He is taking you
  • Learn how to trust God even through seasons of doubt and uncertainty
  •  Break through disappointment and move forward with a fresh hope for the future
  • Find a renewed passion to keep going when everything in you wants to give up 

We have all faced struggles and times of uncertainty, moments which draw us closer to God. Christine empowers readers to actively seek God through the most difficult of situations, trusting He is able to make a way, even when it seems heavy and like there is no hope.

“By the last chapter I was covered in goosebumps. Cheering, crying and moved into a new level of commitment to not letting my faith drift by doing nothing.” -Shirley, Amazon review

“Christine's heart and wisdom in writing this book help me set my mind to trust the Lord with greater abandon, to see the ways I will drift from my faith and course-correct when needed. She encourages us to live expectantly for the future and also presently joyfully as we wait.” - Ines Amazon review


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