BIBLE NLT COMPACT ZIP 018 Green Camo Canvas

Fashionable camo design makes it fun to carry your Bible wherever you go. Tough canvas cover and zipper closure protect the pages. Features include NLT text, thin, compact size, attractive zipper closure, presentation page, fashionable camouflage design, durable canvas binding.

BIBLE NLT COMPACT ZIP 018 Green Camo Canvas

SKU: 9781414322018
  • Bible NLT

    6.19 6.19
    Page Edge Color White White
    Pages 992 992
    Trim Size 4"W x 6"H 4"W x 6"H
    Closure 2 Silicone Removable Closure Pieces 2 Silicone Removeable Closure Pieces
    Removable Pieces 123 Silicone Removable Pieces: 1 Cross, 2 Rectangular Closures, 120 Small Square Pieces (4 sets of 30 in each color)



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