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Shop Chinese Language Bibles and Bilingual (Chinese/English) Bibles

Chinese Union Version / 和合本 (CUB) - The most commonly used Bible in China. Uses older language forms, similar to the English King James Version style.

Revised Chinese Union Version / 和合本修订版  (RCUV) - Completed in 2006 and aimed at updating language to reflect today's language while keeping original translation style. 

Chinese New Version / 新译本 (CNV) - The first Chinese Bible translated directly from Greek, Herbrew and Aramaic languages by prominent Chinese Bible scholars.

Chinese Contemporary Bible / 当代圣经 (CCB) - Sometimes also referred to as "Chinese Living Bible", and designed for general audience with a 12-13 year-old education.

Chinese New Living Translation / 新普及译本 (CNLT) - Closely compared to the English New Living Translation version, with comparison to Greek originals.

Chinese Standard Bible / 中文标准译本, (CSB) - Aims to provide an accurate, readable Bible in contemporary Chinese. Designed to be visually attractive on the page and to be appealing when heard. 

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