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Were Still in This SUSA GOSS  Relationships

We were created for relationships. God, in His genius and creativity, designed us to both need Him and to need each other.

By combining Biblical truths, personal experiences and professional insights, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Susan Goss offers the help you need to break down barriers in all of the important relationships in your life. We're Still In This offers practical ways to help you navigate your relationships with your spouse, children, family, friends, and neighbors. Through 90 daily devotions you will find encouragement to rely on Jesus for strength and hope with applicable new approaches to help restore and maintain healthy relationships that make you feel secure, connected, loved and happy. Every day you'll meet real life with real truth.

This 90-day devotional book is chocked full of practical, tangible takeaways for you to apply today for maintaining long-lasting, joy-filled connections in your God-given partnerships.

Were Still in This SUSA GOSS Relationships

SKU: 9781684086214

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